Fedaia Pass

Jof de Fedaia

The Fedaia pass is one of the most famous and appreciated passes of the Dolomites.

The Pass is an excellent starting point for both summer and winter excursions, on foot or with ski mountaineering.

It is the base for a famous excursions such as the Anello del Padon or the Alta Via delle Cresteand for adrenaline-fueled via ferrata, such as the Ferrata cresta ovest, the Ferrata Eterna or the Ferrata delle Trincee.

For a more relaxing walk, Fedaia Lakeoffers the opportunity to walk along its banks on a comfortable paved road, at the foot of the Marmolada which is reflected in its waters. How not to fall in love with the sunset on the shores of the lake, which here is tinged with a bright pink, during the enrosadira phenomenon of the Dolomites?

During the summer, the Fedaia Pass is an unmissable destination for bicycle lovers: it represents one of the hardest climbs in the world of cycling. The history of the Giro d’Italia has been written on the Fedaia pass, made up of climbs and memorable goals. The gradient of the road in some points is close to 15% and then the pass is a coveted and prestigious achievement for cyclists from all over the world.

In winter can be seen the traces of the ski mountaineers who climb towards Punta Rocca or Punta Penia.

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