UNESCO Dolomites

In 2009 UNESCO has included Dolomites in the World Heritage list.

Our mountains are a both geographical and administrative complex resource, it is compsed of 9 systems and it is 142 thousands acres extended divided into 5 Provinces and 3 Regions.

In 2010 was born UNESCO Dolomites foundation which responsibility is to guarantee an efficent management of this resource, to improve sustainable development and to promote collaboration between local authorities which manage their lands following differents legislations.

UNESCO has included Dolomites into 9 systems, differents from each other but closely interlinked.

Mount Marmolada is included in system 2, it is extended 2208 acres and has an extremely high scenographic value.

In 2017 UNESCO recognized Ombretta valley as the Geographic Center of the Dolomites.

It is now identified by a wooden made totem on the footpath between Ombretta farmhouse and Falier mountain hut.

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