(European regulation 2016/679)

Identity and contact data processor informations

Data controller is Consorzio Turistico Marmolada Rocca Pietore Dolomiti and data processor is the legal representant and pro-tempore President.

For any need in data treatments materia it is possible to contact by e-mail the data controller, e-mail PEC is:

Aim and data treatment legal base

Personal data, directly collected by the controller, are treated according to transperency, lawfulness and correctness to respect rights and privacy of the users.

  • Data treatment in order to execute requested services
  • Data treatment in order to execute law or regulations mandatory obligations and obligations belonging from local authorities
  • Data treatments in order to send promotional messages or offer updating, services executions or to measure guests satisfaction level.

According to data treatments it is necessary to know and memorize all personal data required. If you deny to communicate some required data, you accept the partial execution of the required service or the total non-execution.

Data treatment will be done by the internal employee with all the authorizations. Sometimes some external emplyee could treat this kind of data, but only if they are commissioned for the treatment. Users can ask for the complete list of the external subjects commissioned for the data treatment.

Personal data receivers

According to the above mentioned treatments, personal data copuld be communicate in both digital or paper way to the following categories:

– associated companies

– administrations and Publica Administration offices

– supervisory authorities related to this kind of subject

– business agencies and professionists or consultant who collaborate with data processor

– lending institutions, insurance offices, societies or consultat studies which works for the data controller.

– digital system manager which works for the data controller

Abroad data transfer

Personal data could be transferred toward Europe Union countries and towards third states only for activities concerning contract aims, only after a proper authorization.

Data communication obligation

It is necessary to communicate personal data in order to execute required services. The partial communication reduce the quality of the services, and in some cases the execution is impossible.

The use of not essential data will be done only by proper authorization by the owner.

Data storage period

Personal data will be stored for the necessary period to execute required services and also for the law period.

According to Art. 15 of the European Regulation GDPR 679/2016, in every moment the data owner can ask to modify or to remove his personal data. It’s only necessary to contact data controller by mail or PEC and ask for it.

Right of propose a complaint to the Control Authority

The personal data owner can propose a complaint to the competent authority for the personal data protection if he believe that data treatment is not correct according to 679/2016 European Regulation.

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