Rocca Pietore

La Ròcia

Rocca Pietore (La Ròcia in ladin language) is the Capital of Municipality, located at the foot of the Marmolada and in the Center of the Dolomites Unesco.

This village tooks its name from a tower situated in ancient time in the square near the Santa Maddalena Church.

Rocca Pietore has 1200 inhabitants and it stretches more than 76 square km. It is one of the largest municipalities of the Agordino Area.

The history of the small community of Rocca Pietore is fascinating, but also contrasted, and has passed through very important local and human events. A examples are the Magnifica Comunità della Rocca, an important form of self-government enjoyed by this small community in the period of the Lombard kingdom, or the First World War, fought among these rocks, of which the territory still bears the marks today. This story is told by the war relics inside the Museum of the Great War in Marmolada at Punta Serauta, located at the second station of the cable car.

The S. Maria Maddalena’ s Church was built in 1442 and is characterized by the Gothic Style and its typical bell tower. In this church you can admire the altarpiece built in 1517 and the tabernacle built in 1600.

In 2018 the Municipality of Rocca Pietore has been awarded the prestigious Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club that rewards some towns selected and certified by the Touring for the quality of tourist accommodation. This precious recognition certifies the quality of tourist hospitality in the Municipality.

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