NEWSLETTER REGULATION newsletter subscription is totally free of charge and it means to accept all this website conditions from the user.

Once send the inscription request, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail through his e-mail address.

In this e-mail the user will be invited to click on a confirmation link to complete your newsletter subscription.

Without this confirmation click, user data and subscription will be deleted.

Consorzio Turistico Marmolada newsletter service will consist in offer and promotions informations, events, news and details of the touristic area, new services and products or new laws.

Our society is committed to guaratee, accordin to his possibilities, quality and continuity of the service and to work for improving it. Consorzio Turistico Marmolada can decide to stop this service at any time, also without prior announcement.

Considering that the user mail address is the only reference for the website, if this is unattainable, unreacheable, inaccessible, can revoke the newsletter service subscription.

Also users can revoke their subscription in each moment sending an e-mail to


Dear Guest,

with your newsletter subscribtion you will declare and accept our personal data privacy policy you can read in our informative section.

According to Art. 13 of European Regulation GDPR 679/2016 about people privacy and personal data protection, the data treatment will follow correctness, legality and transparency principles. All the measures will respect you privacy and your rights.

In accordance with this, some information are presented:

  • data provided will be treated following this aim:
  • – To subscribe newsletter service
  • 2) Treatment will be done through both web and manual services by subjects in charge. Data will be stored in our digital archives, in each case within italian bord.
  • 3) In order to guarantee newsletter service, it is necessary to know and memorize personal data (required fields). Avoiding to complete only one field means to renounce at the newsletter service.
  • 4) Data will not be communicated to other companies apart from our associated agencies. The subscription revocation can be done followin the instruction you can find in the section” Newsletter regulation”.
  • Data will not be spread to third societies if the interested party is not agree.
  • The data controller is: Consorzio Turistico Marmolada
  • The data processor is Lucia Farenzena pro tempore President. In each moment you can exercise your rights towards data controller, following Art. 15 European regulation GDPR 679/2016 that for your convenience we entirely reproduce if you contact us at the e-mail adess
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