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Masarè is the most recent village, founded after the formation of Alleghe Lake following the landslide of Mount Piz, which blocked the course of the Cordevole torrent in 1771.

Seat of Villa Paganini Ruspoli, which stands on a peninsula made up of landslide deposits, Masarè offers an exciting view of the lake and the opportunity to walk along the edge of the lake, away from the traffic of the main road.

This Villa is famous for its liberty and floral frescoes and for wooden furnishings carved by Agordini sculptors. It was built at the behest of the engineer Roberto Paganini (1849-1912) and his wife, princess Elena Ruspoli, as a summer residence and place dedicated to formal and special events. In this period there was the affirmation of mountaineering and the search for healthiness of the air, peace, well-being of the body and mind by the wealthy class, which began to show interest towards the Alps.

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