When you arrive to Moè, which rises to 1.500 m. above the sea level and is the northernmost hamlet of Laste, it is impossible not to be fascinated by the panoramic view: Monte Civetta seen in all its majesty from one side, Monte Pelmo with its unique shape from the other and the church of Laste in the middle.

In 1983 the village was hit by a raging fire that burned its heart in broad daylight, destroying many buildings, rebuilt in the following years with the distinctive architectural style of the area.

A large and modern barn has recently been built in Moè, it is a winter shelter for the cattle that in summer grazes on the Col de Le Casiere and is essential for the whole the hamlet because, thanks to this, Laste can count on the summer mowing of the grassy areas.

From Moè it is possible to walk to the Col de Le Casiere with an easy path alternative to the route that starts from Davare.

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