Le Palue

AAPalue is an ancient and welcoming hamlet where the houses and haylofts seem to embrace the guests walking along the lovely little streets.

From 2016 Palue togethers with Sottoguda is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It hits the eyes of guests for the care of the inhabitants to take care of it: lush flowers on the balconies in summer and colored lights in winter, the fountain in the square that tells stories of the past … everything is taken care of in the minimum details.

Palue is a great example of integration between residents and second-home owners. From their collaboration numerous initiatives have been born to welcome guests: photographic exhibitions inside the tabiè, small concerts, activities to make get to know the hamlet.

In 2020 the artist Dunio Piccolin has created a graffiti that welcomes visitors to Palue right at the entrance to the village.

This piece of art recreates the typical day in the past in this hamlet, that is entitled, not surprisingly, “A day at Palue

From the last house at the top of the village, a relaxing walk through the woods leads to the ancient villages of Albe and Valier, once full of life and now silent in front of Mount Sasso Bianco. After the second post-war period the houses gradually emptied, but the testimony of a centuries-old presence remains. Currently and only in the summer season, there is still a single inhabitant to enjoy the peace and quiet.

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