Caracoi Cimai e Caracoi Agoin

Caracogn Zimai e Caracogn Agoin

A wonderful panorama immersed in absolute quiet: this is the experience you live in these two small villages, located a few meters away from each other. The Alleghe Lake and the majestic Civetta wall which shows itself in all its beauty immediately strike the guests.

Caracoi Cimai and Caracoi Agoin like Bramezza were according to some historical theses the places of detention of Turkish prisoners after the Battle of Lepanto To confirm this would be the strange similarity between the names “Caracoi” and “kara köy”, or “Black Village” in Turkish. Here too, some houses have typically oriental architectural elements.

In summer Caracoi Cimai is the starting point for the excursion to Mount Sasso Bianco, a challenging path due to the altitude, but absolutely rewarding once you reach the top. The view from here repays all the effort: to the south you can admire the north-west face of Mount Civetta in all its splendor , then looking at all the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites, Marmolada, Tofane, Cristallo, Croda Rossa, Antelao, Pelmo.

The hamlets can be reached from Santa Maria delle Grazie along the municipal road, but also from the village of Pezzè, with an easy path that crosses the wood.

In winter the two villages are the destination for mountaineers and snowshoe lovers.

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