The Museum of the Great War

The intermediary station of Serauta hosts the Museum of the Great War, the highest museum in Europe.

The Museum is located at an altitude of 2950 m. and was built in 1990 with the aim of conserving war relics, recovered in particular from the famous “Ice City”, called “Die Eisstadt” by the German Kaiserschutzen. A thick web of tunnels dug out through the Marmolada ice and equipped with barracks for the shelter of soldiers that housed up to 70 men, warehouses, kitchens and numerous other positions.

In 2015, the Association Museo della Grande Guerra in Marmolada-Onlus and the Marmolada Srl, that had already promoted the birth of the museum, decided to renovate it for the centenary of the Great War.

A new look, with a sensory meaning with strong impact: to make visitors feel the typical environment of the war fought right on the places where the Museum is based, at 3000 m above sea level, between rock and ice.

For this purpose has been created an interactive, multimedia and multisensory itinerary, which guides the guests in the story of the war in Marmolada, through the experience, the testimonies of the men who really had to fight it.

The Museum displays also various paper documents, badges and medals.

The exhibit ends up in a hall where some showcases retell of the recovery of testimonials to these tragic wartime events.

The museum can be visited in timetables of the cable car and its entry is included in the cable car ticket.

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