Fascinating enchanted village at an altitude of 1450 meters, right on the slopes of Monte Sasso Bianco and overlooking Lake Alleghe and the majestic north-west face of Monte Civetta, Bramezzaamazes the visitor with its charm of the past. The feature that cannot be overlooked is the architecture of the houses and the fireplaces, which vaguely recall oriental styles.

The village can be reached by snowshoes on a forest road, with a path immersed in the woods, which will give you pure emotions: the rediscovery of nature, the silent tranquility of the Dolomites, always different views based on the light that reverberates on the snow.

Level: medium

Starting point: Santa Maria delle Grazie, on the way to Caracoi Cimai

Difference in altitude: 450 meters

Time: 2 hours

Maximum altitude: 1450 meters high

The excursion could be extended in Casera Bur direction, following the new forestry road.

escursioni con le racchette da neve a Bramezza

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