Rocca Pietore Dolomites is a land full of legends and myths belonging from the ladin tradition handed down between generations.

From the stueof the past, the modern living rooms, in which families meet in the evening and from the tabiei da mont, the barns on the mountain pastures, where the work is finished, this precious wealth of stories and plots has reached the days our.

Starting from the Marmolada, passing through the Piz de Guda up to theSerrai di Sottoguda, there are many places in Rocca Pietore linked to a legend, in a fantastic journey between fantasy and reality.

The legend of King Ombro and Ombretta, certainly one of the best known, tells of a beautiful princess betrothed by King Ombro to a handsome prince, but soon turned into stone by her envious stepmother. It is said that passing through the Val Ombretta and looking carefully at the south face of the Marmolada, one can see the image of Ombretta carved in the rock and that the key of the bronze door of the Serrai, the fairy kingdom of King Ombro, remained hanging for a long time. at the door of the church of Sottoguda.

Another well-known legend, Le eivane (ondine) del Lèch dai Giai, tells of these female figures typical of the Ladin culture, the odine or eivane, wonderful girls who used to bathe in this corner of paradise.

And then El Salvan dal luoster, set in Albe e Valier, Le Popace di Lasta, set in Laste and La Madonna de la Nef, set on the pastures of the Marmolada, which have become a glacier: in the book “Ladin Legends of the Dolomites” it is possible to undertake this fantastic journey among the places of Rocca Pietore that tell stories.

Buy the collection of legends published by the Union dei Ladins da la Ròcia! You can find it at the tourist office in Sottoguda for € 22.00


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