Lèch dei Giai

Wonderful high altitude mountain lake between Monte Alto (2545 meters) and Crepa Rossa (2360 meters).

Lèch dei Giai is a little natural lake located in a small basin created by an ancient glacier. Its pure water belongs from the rocks and the snowfields overlooking the basin.

At 2205 meters of altitude, Lèch dei Giai is reachable following footpath CAI number 688 starting from Sottoguda reaching Franzei glade and going on in Forcella Franzei direction.

The peace of this place inspired also the local legend of “Eivane del Lèch dei Giai” according to which some beautiful girls used to have bath in this sort of paradise on earth.

However, girls called Eivane are not so friendly and self confident so it’s not easy to observe them, but for sure it is possible to admire Forcella dei Giai reflected in the water of the lake. This place, also called Forcella dei Negher, is located few meters above the Lake dei Giai and is an amazing place where you can admire the whole Biois valley from a perfect point of view.

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