In Rocca Pietore area there are a lot of bivouacs and mountain huts used as shelter for hikers, trekkers and climbers. They are not managed, but from the cozier to the more basic ones they are good places to rest or to have a short break along the trekking. All of them are immersed the unspoiled nature in the heart of the Dolomites.

Surely, one of the most original and cozier is Bivacco Pian delle Stelle on the top of Sass de Rocia.It is reacheable through an easy via ferrata from the little village of Ronch di Laste. This wood carved bivouac seems to be an hayloft. From Bivacco Pian delle Stelle you will admire one of the best star-filled sky in the whole Dolomites.

Casera Buris an old farmhouse, once a little mountain farm that nowadays has become a bivouac reacheable through a new forestry road starting from the Bramezza village. As the other bivouacs, it is not managed, but it is open to everyone wants to use it and respect it.

A marvellous panoramic terrace hosts a popular bivouac: Bivacco Bontadini, just in front of the Queen of the Dolomites: Mount Marmolada. It is reachable in 30 minutes through a footpath starting from Rifugio Padon, but it is also a good poit of break for whom who is finishing Via ferrata delle Trincee.

An amazing bivouac is also the famous Bivacco Dal Bianco, at more than 2700 meters of altitude at Ombretta Pass, at the feet of Mount Marmolada majestic south wall. This bivouac is the ideal starting point for all the known worldwide alpine climbing routes of the Marmolada “silver wall”. It is reacheable from Malga Ciapela village following Val Ombretta path.

Closed to the public, but arrival point of an easy excursion, in the middle of Franzedaz Valley you can find Casera Franzedaz. Starting from Malga Ciapela, you have two possibilities to reach it: the first one is through a simple path surrouded by the forest, the second chance is to follow a new large forestry road. You can also decide to continue your trip following the path to Forca Rossa Pass along the famous Alta Via Number 2.

The main rule for using all the Dolomites bivouac is always the same: keep clean and respect the places as much as possible.

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