In an area rich in natural raw materials, a centuries-old tradition was born that is still handed down today and that characterizes the territory of Rocca Pietore making it original and unique:

manual processing of iron and wood.

From the skill, creativity and mastery of the artisans, first everyday objects and agricultural tools were born, then decorative objects and true works of art.

In Sottoguda it is possible to visit the shops, the pride of the area, in which objects of real value made by hand are exhibited.

Famous are the wrought iron butterflies worked and painted by hand, but also real works of art worked by the sure hands of the artisans in bending and shaping metal in beauty.

A black grouse, a woodpecker, an eagle owl and further on, with the expressive force of pure art, a black eagle caught the moment it lands on the ground: already outside the shops give an idea of the value craftsmanship.

From a tree trunk emerge the faces of gnomes with long beards, goblins and splendid nymphs guardians of an enchanted and not yet lost kingdom, inspired by legends.

Unique and innovative is the creation of jewels in beech wood and Swarovsky ® crystals, expertly set one by one to embellish and give light to necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Rocca Pietore handicraft traditions

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