The art of wrought iron in Sottogudabegan with the extraction of iron from the nearby Fursil mines. The iron extracted was very valuable because it was rich in manganese, a metal that protects it from rust. Thanks to these peculiarities, the blacksmiths of the area made weapons, tools and work tools for centuries, transforming today the production and trade of art and objects.

In our shop you can admire more masterpieces of different artisans, who have masterfully created real works of art, passionately handing down the tradition of wrought iron to the present day.

Here, Mauro De Biasio, one of the artists of the valley, worked the iron with passion for a long time creating several masterpieces sold all over the world. In 2018 he published the book “The last fire and the larch valley”, full of reflections and memories of his work as a blacksmith. In our shop you can admire some of his works. You will also find many articles and a variety of objects and wrought iron statues prepared by us to decorate your home and garden.

Il ferro battuto di Sottoguda

Via Pian, 8/10 – 32023 Rocca Pietore (BL)

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