In the Dolomites the art of sculpting is an ancient craft, result of the intelligence and immagination of those who have been able to grasp and enhance a natural resource.

Even today the hands of the artists carve safe and wood is modeled gradually, it takes shape. A visit to Artigianlegno Marmolada is a journey between fantasy and reality, with a unique thread … the scent of wood.
In this workshop you will find sculptures, reliefs and DEEM jewels made by wood and cristals. The fabulous collections are rigorously handmade, including the precise insertion of each crystal.

Artigianlegno objects and pieces of art can also be purchased directly into online shopping.

Artigianlegno Marmolada

Via Pian 10/B Sottoguda 32020 Rocca Pietore (BL)

Tel. +39 0437 722282  


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