Lèch dei Giai is a gem of intense cobalt set between Mount Alto at 2545 m. and the Crepe Rosse at 2360 m., in the Cime D’Auta chain.

It is a small and natural basin that occupies a hollow carved by an ancient glacier and barred to the north by a steep landslide from the eastern slopes.

The constantly uphill path continues from Franzei Valley towards Forcella Pianezze before which you turn right towards the lake.

This ski mountaineering excursion offers the satisfaction of the destination and also an unforgettable panorama, in a wild and uncontaminated place with a high naturalistic value

Level: medium

Starting point: Sottoguda, a small parking lot on the road to Malga Ciapela

Difference in altitude: 900 meters

Time: 3,50 hours one way

View: 2/3

Exposure: North – East

Eventually it is possible to extend the route up to the top of Mount Alto.

Escursione scialpinistica al Lèch dei Giai da Franzei

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