Rocca Pietore land is famous for its popular mountain farms, where the ladin dolomites agricultural culture is handed down between generatios.

One example of our mountain pastures is the easy to reach Malga Gran Pian, a nice farmhouse at Malga Ciapela immersed in the pure nature.

Continuing the footpath from Malga Ciapela to Ombretta Valley, it is possible to reach the famous Malga Ombretta ad the Geographic Centre of the UNESCO Dolomites, identified by an original totem.

Not far from these two mountain pastures, close to the marvellous little village of Laste, you can find another beautiful mountain farm: Malga Laste. It was built on the top of a hill called Col de le Casiere, reachable by everyone both by car and by feet. Summer opening from last weekend of June.

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