A nice walk discovering Sottoguda, One of the most beautiful little village in Italy, ai the foot of Mount Marmolada in the heart of the Dolomites. It is an easy walking suitable for everyone between the typical haylofts, ancients buildings and local handicrafts works of art.

The walk starts at Pian where you can admire some exposition of the famous Sottoguda handicraft production of wood and iron.

Following the main road realized with sampietrini stones, you will reach the famous Saints Fabiano, Sebastiano and Rocco little church. It was consecrated in 1486 when in Sottoguda there were only ten families at all.

Opposite to the church you will find Carlo Delacroix building that today is the Tourist Office location, opened to the public all year round. It is an ancient house was important that in the past for the little community of Sottoguda. The legend tells that this old house still hosts some dead soldiers’ ghosts belonging to the period of the great war.

Close to Carlo Delacroix building, following a short footpath on the ground, you can reach the historical part of Sottoguda. Here you can see the traditional haylofts, hand made with wood and stones: once used to be an important store for agricultural tools, hay and animals.

Following the tour you can reach La Vèrda, the entrance of the famous Serrai di Sottogudacanyon which is the natural road connection between Sottoguda and Malga Ciapela. This amazing gorge is today a regional natural park.

From the heart of the village you can also continue your walk in Franzei valley or along the famous Meditation Path in Sottoguda beech forest.

Worth a visit also the ancient village of Palue, a few steps far away Sottoguda. This hamlet is characterized by narrow roads and lots of haylofts well handle by the inhabitants. Since 2020 a new graffito welcomes you in the village, it represents the everyday life of this little community.

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