The Grop de Bal Marmolèda was born in the spring of 1993 from the idea of some young people from Rocca Pietore, eager to revive Ladin traditions and folklore.

It was born as a small group, which began to recover local Ladin dances thanks to the wise help of the local elders and wearing traditional clothes dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. The performances of these ancient dances to original music had gradually more and more success and involvement of the public.

There are many young people who keep the group active today and who, with the enthusiasm in the performances, contribute to making known this small world nestled in the Dolomites,

The dancers often dance with work tools of the past, such as brooms in ” L Bal de chel Bèrba da Muiei ”, a performance recognized and appreciated even outside Ladinia.

Since 2018, on the occasion of the 25 years of activity, the Group has resumed the organization of the folkloristic festival that animates autumn in Rocca Pietore: Folklor Jalpè de la Marmolèda 2.0.

The event was held in Boscoverde under the heated tent in the second half of October. An opportunity to make known the Ladin reality of dance and local traditions with the participation of folk groups from the Dolomite valleys.

An opportunity not to be missed to savor good traditional cuisine and listen to local and international music.

You can follow the Grop de Bal Marmolèda on its website, on its Facebook pageor on Instagram.

Grop de Bal Marmolèda

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