The cuisine and typical gastronomy of the Dolomites are key elements for the Ladin identity of the Rocca Pietore area.

The ancient agricultural roots of the area gave the healthiest ingredients to the local recipes: most of all potatoes, vegetables and cereals. These elements have the strength to grow up also at high altitude, with a fresh climate.

The crops made possible by the Dolomite climate are those that do not require great heat and that withstand the temperature changes present at high altitude.

Ladin cuisine is a journey through culture and flavors, an experience that will take you by the throat and will give you unique sensations: from the particular flavor of game meat with polenta to the sweetish aftertaste of smoked ricotta, from the spice of typical desserts to perfume and grappa flavored with cumin, mountain pine, juniper, blueberries and wild strawberries.

Cereals such as barley, wheat, rye, oats and legumes, vegetables such as peas, beans, turnips and potatoes and still apples, plums, apricots, berries, strawberries and mushrooms from the undergrowth: these are the products of the earth, processed with care and dedication by local cooks and chefs.

And again cheeses and dairy products. Great attention is given to their preparation from the mountain farms (malghe) of the area. Spicy, seasoned or fresh, soft or more decisive: the tasting of local cheeses offers a riot of flavors that cannot be renounced.

From lunch in a refuge as a well-deserved reward after a wonderful trekking among the most beautiful valleys of the Dolomites, to a convivial evening in one of the restaurants in the valley and even to a sophisticated dinner: every occasion is good to regenerate yourself at the table and to savor the typical tastes of the area .

Any ideas for a typical dish that you can taste in the restaurants of our territory?

Here’s a taste: the dumplings, known as balòte or bale, offered in broth or with melted butter, with speck or with spinach and ricotta, or with cheese; the casonzièi o casunziei, egg pasta crescents stuffed with spinach and ricotta, pumpkin, beetroot or potatoes; local potato gnocchi with melted butter and smoked ricotta; the “menèstra da orz ”with smoked pork knuckle.

Rocca Pietore Dolomites Ladin cuisine

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