Riding a road bike means pure freedom, reaching the top of an ascent only with the strenth of your own legs gives unique sensations, the fresh air sound on your face and the adrenaline will be unforgettable especially when they are lived in Rocca Pietore Dolomites, in the heart of the Dolomites.

Thanks to its ideal position in the exact center of the UNESCO Dolomites, Rocca Pietore is the ideal destination for the bike lovers, the perfect starting point to face the most popular and dreamed Dolomites Passes.

To stay at the foot of the feared Fedaia Pass in a comfy accommodation will allow you to face this famous ascent with the perfect energy to reach easily also all the most important Dolomites valley and passes. These places are also famous to be the one who wrote the history of some of the most popular bike events such as Giro d’Italia, when this routes were decisive to define the most important victories.

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