Mountain safety

Mountain landscape is wonderful and unique, but hides also some dangers.

Appreciate the Dolomites in safety is important to reduce risks and appreciate the beauty, but also the quiet.

Both if it’s about extreme alpine sport activities and simple footpath trekking, it’s about safety in each activity you will try during your holiday.

Following some suggestions:

  • The excursion choice must depend on the season and the participants’ training level.

  • The route must be plan in advance considering weather forecast, kind of ground, difference in altitude and time.

  • Check to have with you all the equipment before starting. It must be perfect for the kind of excursion you are going to do.

  • Start early in the morning in order to have more light hours (reserve time)

  • Plan break and rest times in the total excursion time.

  • Go on considering the real condition of the area, paying attention to rockfalls or reducing the distance in case of fog.

  • Pay attention while crossing glaciers or snowfields, you need to have with you the correct equipment such as crampons and axes.

  • Keep children safe with a short rope.

  • Avoid slipping on snowfields.

  • Pay attention to the weather changing (often it happens at high altitude)

  • Come back in the same route to go if the weather is changing ( in case of fog or bad weather)

  • Before starting give the right information about your excursion to you host (for example the name of the place/valley/mountain and the time when you suppose to came back in your accommodation).

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