Forest bathing is much more than a simple walk in the forests, is a mindful immersion, a complete fusion with nature to draw its full benefits.

The forest bathing, “shinrin-yoku” in Japanese, is the practice to obtain benefits from the forests atmosphere. As some international universities study prove, this practice is able to reduce everyday stress, helps to increase antibodies and improves psychological and physical well-being.

The “shinrin-yoku” positively acts on the nervos sistem thanks to the benefits coming from the plants. The trees release aromatic substances as monoterpenes and phytoacids and essential oils able to improve living organisms oxygenation.

Experts suggest 3 hours of forest bathing per day to repeat for 3 consecutive days, walking along at least 5 kilometers every day. During all walking long, is better to have controlled deep breath without speaking, focusing yourself on colours, smells and forest sounds.

For the best forest bathing experience you can touch or hug trees to absorb their positive energy as much as possible.


In Rocca Pietore area there are lots of forest tours completely immersed in nature, but some of them are really perfect for the practice of forest bathing.

Bosch dei faièr

The ideal place to practice forest bathing is a pristine forest, with large variety tree species, better if it is a beech forest. Expecially during spring or autumn, beech forests are the best for forest bathing, thanks to their leaf changing for example during foliage period.

El Bosch dei faièrin Sottoguda is one of the best places in Dolomites for your meditation and relaxing moments to recharge yourself in nature.

Franzei Valley

A wonderful and untouched valley in the heart of the Dolomites, reachable through a new large forestry road starting from Sottoguda, one of the most beautiful little villages in Italy. Franzei Valley is a mountain paradise where you can find only peace

and the contact with nature at the foot of Cime d’Auta Mountains.

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