Borghi al Tòppe stops in Rocca Pietore with a visit to the village of Sottoguda

A tour of Italy’s most beautiful villages in search of curiosities with chef Federico Fusca. The idea of this project is to highlight the village, its history and its artistic and culinary traditions.

Chef Fusca accompanied all the followers, with his verve and his genuine Tuscan charm, to discover the village of Sottoguda. A tour to discover hidden corners, a meeting with friendly sheep, a visit to the iron and wood workshops amidst colours, ancient arts and chisels are just some of the activities that involved the visiting crew and local operators. There are also exceptional views, saffron harvesting trials, a dive into authentic flavours and a highly respected masterclass with a traditional dish: canederli.

If you missed the two-day event, there’s a taste of it on our Instagram profile among the saved Friends stories.

Stay tuned …

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