As if they had waited for the signal, to enter the scene, the wonderful mushrooms appear on every side; here is the mysterious and magnificent mushroom’s population, pink, red, blue, violet-mauve, green, yellow, violet, dark grey, light grey, pure white, cream-white. The splendid and attractive mushrooms: precious as chalices, deadly as poisoned cups. (Marcel Roland)

Rocca Pietore land is the ideal habitat for mushrooms picking: wide spaces and a lot of undebrush are a real paradise for mushroom lovers!

Usually mushroom pickers starts early in the morning looking for the biggest and tastiest treasure of the forest: mushrooms. This is a real challenge between the more experts pickers, but also lovers of the quiet, the silence and the forest atmosphere.

If you are lazy and you don’t want to wake up at dawn, we have another solution: a good mushroom dish at our local restaurants!

Before starting picking mushrooms with your wicker basket you have to pay attention to our regional rules:

  1. Non resident people are allowed for mushroom picking only these days: TUESDAY, FRIDAY, SUNDAY AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS
  2. Mushroom picking licence costs:

!!NEWS 2022!! The payment receipt is obtained by making the payment via PagoPA, by accessing the site
of the Agordina Mountain Union, selecting the “PAYMENTS TELEMATIC PAYMENTS” in the “SERVICES” area of the homepage. Instructions on how to pay the fee are better explained on the
page LIVING>MUSHAGE COLLECTION>MUSH COLLECTION PERMIT of the Unione Montana Agordina website.

  • DAILY LICENCE: 8,00 €
  • WEEKLY LICENCE: 15,00 €
  • MONTHLY LICENCE: 50,00 €

Download HERE the complete mushroom picking regulation of Rocca Pietore.

Download HERE the regional regulation with the complete list of eatable mushrooms of the area.

The mentioned regional law is the following: Art. 3 della L.R. 19 agosto 1996, n.23.

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